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Quirkmans Spider - Micky

Micky (FTCH Rytex Ringo x FTW/OFTW Killyvocca Rey of Flintwood) is a lovely young dog bought from the Quirkmans Kennels who are very good friends of mine. Micky's dam - Sue - is a bitch with drive, speed and a great nose who soaks up all aspects of training and is a very keen retriever. Sue was put to FTCH Rytex Ringo, a fantastic dog that was made up in just 3 trials, who compliments Sue very well and is producing trainable, natural pups. While he may only be young, we are excited to see what the future holds for this talented young dog.


He is a fast paced dog that lives for hunting, enjoys finding a tennis ball or 2 and is very keen to please. Micky looks though he is going to be a big, athletic stamp of a Springer with a great engine. Time will tell with this young one as his training progresses...

Health Tests (done with Pet Genetics Lab):

Will be done at 12 months old


Artificial Insemination available. Fresh or Frozen semen available to be shipped Worldwide - once the dog has proven himself in the field and is health tested clear.

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