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Holly has been trialling spaniels for 3 years and in her first season of trialling won with her first ever ESS Greenspire Megamber Jewel of Ribblebrook. Holly has been around dogs all her life however her first introduction to Gundogs was by a fantastic family friend, Mick Smith who took Holly under his wing and helped her get to where she is today, showing her the ropes of everything country sports. First was her beloved GSP Duke who went everywhere with her and was trained just for her own enjoyment of rough shooting, beating and picking up. Holly realised she really had ‘the bug’ for shooting so shortly followed a Labrador and a spaniel (Amber) so that Holly could really decide which breed of dog she could pursue and specialise in - which is of course Spaniels! The passion Holly has for spaniels and desire to be pushed to the limits lead to her trialling career and has trained dogs to become IRFTCH, FTW and numerous award winners.
Holly continues to endeavour to produce and train healthy, high quality multi-purpose Gundogs to be the perfect companion and ultimate working dog.
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